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Ultimate Advantage

Quality standards are at the core of Lifestyle Spas and Leisure philosophy, manifesting in products that are unmatched in the industry whilst inspiring the imagination and changing the way you feel. Lifestyle Spas deliver all the benefits of hydrotherapy – warm soothing water. Invigorating massage, stress reduction and relaxation in the most reliable, convenient and energy efficient manner. Now busy families can enjoy quality time and overall well-being with an oasis in their own home.

Ultimate Ease

We know that you would rather be enjoying the warm water of a Lifestyle Spa than working on it. That’s why our Purefresh Water Management System maintains crystal clear water at all temperatures 24 hours a day. Our state-of-the-art ozone mixing system lets you relax in chlorine free water and our PureFresh filtering system uses a disposable microban filter cartridge which is up to 50 times more effective than traditional filters – to eliminate weekly filter maintenance, leaving your water sparkling clean, fresh and pure.

Ultimate Confidence

Lifestyle Spas have developed quality control that makes every spa in our range fully compliant to Australian safety standards, offering you and your family peace of mind.

Ultimate Endurance

All Lifestyle Spas are engineered with the greatest precision. Our professional engineers and experienced production team craft each spa to last for years and years. Only the highest quality materials are used in construction – Aristech Acrylics from the USA, reinforced framework and powerful pumps.

Ultimate Energy Efficiency

Heavy insulated base

Lifestyle spas are delighted to be as energy smart as possible – saving you money and saving the environment. Foam insulation on the shell, Weather Pro RTB on our cabinets for maximum weather protection, custom fit tight seal, lockable covers and programmable controls allow Lifestyle Spas to have one of the lowest operating costs of any spa in the industry.

Ultimate Enjoyment

Nothing relaxes you quite like a Lifestyle Spa. Our unique jet systems are intelligently designed and engineered to optimise your enjoyment. You can even take your spa experience beyond hydrotherapy and treat your senses to entertainment you never thought possible in a spa. Lifestyle Spas can provide a visual and aural delight to create the perfect atmosphere with soothing waterfalls, elegant lighting and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment.