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Energy Saver Technology

Spa Shell – high “heat retention” foam layer. Spa Base – triple layer insulated base. Cabinet and Doors – triple layer insulation. Our spas are amongst the most energy efficient spas in the world. Our insulation harnesses the heat gained from the equipment inside the spa cabinet, while reflecting colder air away from the spa cabinet heating both the spa shell and the water.

Heat Pump Ready

Heat pump – can reduce heating costs by up to as much as 75%. Ready to connect – the plumbing and electrical connections are built in, ready for simple connection. All our swim spas and spas larger than 2.1M are heat pump ready.

Built To Save Enegy

Cabinet Curtain – Keeps heat locked in surrounding shell. Thermal Hard Cover – high density foam cover.Low Power Filtration – energy efficient filtration. Intelligent Control System – control all spa functions. The new Davey Quip Spa 24 hour control system offers the most advanced technology and superior engineering, yet is so simple to operate. Its so easy to set your spa up to suit your lifestyle.

Energy Safe

Our Spa manufacturer is at the forefront of spa safety. Working with the board of Australian Swimming Pool and Spa Standards, we can confidently state that you will not find a safer spa. The spas meet and in fact exceeds all State and National Safety standards. Each model of spa is fitted with a Certification Plate identifying all of the certifications that the spa meets providing complete peace of mind.

Lifestyle Ozone

The Lifestyle Ozone system purifies the spa’s water several times faster than standard chemical treatments by continuously injecting millions of tiny, highly concentrated bubbles into the water which neutralise contaminants. Unlike ozone systems that use a UV bulb, which needs replacing on a regular basis at considerable expense, our system uses Corona Discharge cells that are virtually maintenance free.


Depending on your choice of model up to two full body loungers wrap you head to toe in comfort while delivering the ultimate in hydrothermal therapy. Using advanced computer assisted design, our engineers have created form-fitting seats that ergonomically fit the contours of your body.